You know how simple, beautiful, contemporary art seems to cost thousands of dollars? Or you move into a new place, stare at blank white walls and WISH you could snap your fingers and make art immediately appear? Well, i solve that problem!

L O M A X P H O T O provides Ready-to-buy, Semi-Custom and Custom digital fine art prints and hanging options.

We offer three options to make art buying easy and budget-friendly:

  • Ready-To-Buy - Visit our Print Shop for art that is ready-to-buy.
  • Semi-custom - Customize an existing print
  • Custom - Commission a one-of-a-kind piece

L O M A X P H O T O is committed to providing unique, fresh artwork at an affordable price. It is  our passion to create fresh solutions for your interiors.

Amanda Lomax as been working as a digital artist since 2015. Her work consists of digitally altered images from her original photography. Both airy and bold images combining abstract landscapes and nature have become her trademark.